Reverberation time at Treasury of Atreus

A sound recording has been made (May 1998) of a foot stomp using a Grundig S-VHS camcorder (LC 550 SC, Hi-Fi audio). The internal microphones were used and it seems that the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) has not really effected the measurement of the reverberation times. The below Schroeder plots give an average of some RT60 of ~ 3.6 sec, which places it as a building (some 1800 m3) that has an above optimal reverberation time (Everest [2001], page 151).

Schroeder plots from which reverberation times were computed, are below. The plots were produced by David Lubman using Cool Edit Pro v 2.0 for 6-pole octave filters and Spectra Pro 3.32.16 for Schroeder Integration. I would like to thank David for his help!

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