Palaeogeography around 3000 BCE

The below figure is coming from Shennan I., [2000 page 315]:

As one can see from this picture, the high tide level around at least 4400 Uncal BP or 3000 BCE was at almost the same level (within 10-20 cm) as the present high tide level for a lot of locations around the North Sea.
It is expected that one can extrapolate this for the regions around Orkney and Ireland.

If this is in line with some present submerged megalithic sites, I don't know. Such as:

Looking at this and the average different between high and low tide of around 4 m for Germany, I would assume that the sea level is at least some 2 m higher now or is this due to the sandy nature of these locations, like erosion?

In Heritage Guide No.20 it is mentioned that at Strangford Lough the water was 3-4 m higher at 5000 years ago. So it seems not so easy as stated above!!! It looks that the dynamics are greater and even more depending on region. I will try to investigate more.

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