Victor Reijs' comments on draft management plan for Brú na Bóinne world heritage site

Send to Dúchas on March 1st, 2002.

Important information missing

The below items are, in my opinion, missing in the description of the present day procedures. I say missing, because in some way I have the idea that adding text or more consistency would help the reading of the document. A lot of terms  and sometimes slight variations are being used. It is not clear how these slight variations work out (or that they are typo's). I assume that these can be changed.
It could also be that some of my points are highlighting missing rules/legislation at the present time. In that case my comments move to the last section: Proposed additional actions.

Minor issues

These have to do with layout or obvious typo's:

Proposed additional actions

In this section I make clear what things I would like to add/change to the already existing actions in chapter 7.
One thing I would want to make clear: section 7.4 is very important looking from my own interest of archaeocosmology.

Your own comments

If you want a copy of the draft management plan or want to send your comments to Dúchas (closing date March 15th, 2002), please phone + 353 1 4117100 or send an e-mail to boyneplan@ealga.ie

Disclaimer and Copyright

Major content related changes: March 1, 2002