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Measurements on German passage mounds

Azimuth measurements

Azimuth measurements were gotten from drawings in the book of Fansa, M., 1992. From this one can see that most chambers of the German passage mounds in the Weser and Ems region (average latitude: 53o and average longitude 8o, in total 53 passage mounds), are oriented along east and west.
Below a pictures is given of the number of passage mounds that have a particular azimuth.

From this picture one can deduct that most chambers are  oriented between 246o and 285o (65% of measured passage mounds). A possible explanation is available.

An interesting passage mound is one on the German island Föhr.

Comparable azimuth bearings can be found on the Dutch passage mounds (of the same time frame, 2600 BCE to 2200 BCE, close together [100 km] and comparable cultural environment [Funel Beaker Culture]). 

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