Google Earth and accurate skyline profiles

I have been playing somewhat more with Google Earth (GE, free and Pro version 4.0.2091) from the standpoint of finding directions between a location of a person/neolithic monument (like at Maeshowe) and a certain geographical feature at a medium distance (say between 2 and 15 km). This could be important in archaeoastronomy research.

The perspective I take is that I would like to see the skyline profile accurate enough (azimuth and altitude accuracy better then 0.25 degrees) from a person's eye height level. I have other wishes like being able to model the monument and involve the movements of the celestial bodies, but I leave that for another page.

Here are some ideas that popped up while studying GE:
Wind Hill and Hoy

If people are willing to invest time in improving this from an archaeocosmology/astronomy point of view, please let me know. Or discuss it in the Google Earth forum.

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