Knowth is a mound being excavated and in Ireland (53o 43' latitude North, 6o 30' W longitude and 60 m high). It is more than 5000 years old (build around 3100 CalBC or 2540 bc), and thus older than the pyramids in Egypt! This building, which is a big mound of some 84 meters in diameter, stands in the Boyne Valley, some 40 km north of Dublin. In this region two more big mounds are located: Dowth and Newgrange.

Cross sections of Knowth

The close environment around Knowth is scattered with other megalithic constructs. Close to the mound the following items, approxamitly build around the same time, are important (© G. Eogan, 1986):

The mound consisiting of:

The environment around the entrance of the eastern passage looks like this and around the entrance of the western passage looks like this.

The present outside of the eastern passage entrance

Two photo's are available of the entrance of the eastern passage:

Has the chamber top hole an astronomical meaning?


There will be many questions around Knowth, but I am interested in the following:

Age of Knowth

The age of Knowth is of course not easy and acuratly known. But there is some information about a few parts of it (© G. Eogan, 1986): Remember: There is a differance of some 500 years between bc en CalBC (3100 CalBC is almost the same as 4490 bp)!

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