My design rules for any wind farm near Sleeping Beauty Range

This page talks specifically about the Muaitheabhal Wind farm proposal from Beinn Mhór Power Limited. I reacted to the Scottish Executive before Jan. 31st, 2005, 23:59 GMT to this wind farm proposal (with a copy to Comhairle nan Eilean Siar). A decision has been made on June 30th, 2005. to build 130 turbines by Beinn Mhór Power Limited, I think my design rules have not been incorporated...
A copy of the Environmental Statement could be gotten through: Land Use Consultants, 37 Otago Street, Glasgow, G12 8JJ, UK (Tel: +44 141 3349595) at a cost of £25.00 per CD-ROM.

As a starter: I see wind farms as a possible solution for the global warming and global dimming problems humankind is facing. It seems people are starting to see nuclear power as green energy or as the only short-term alternative, but I see that as dangerous glowing green:-(.
Wind farms will have effect on several aspects of human/animal life and to balance these effects, a proper approach is essential. I expect that Scottish Executive (evaluating all feedback received) is capable of finding the optimum solution for the Lewis community.
Some other organizations that give feedback to wind farms on Lewis are:
This page has the following sections:
My letter to the Scottish Executive can be found here.

Sleeping Beauty Range

The Sleeping Beauty Range (hills between the Beinn Mhór and Feirhisval on South-East Lewis), as seen from the many Neolithic monuments in the Calanais region, forms the profile of a recumbent figure of a woman, known as the Sleeping Beauty or Cailleach na Mòinteach. The hills that make up this figure are: Sidhean an Airgid (face), Guainemol (body) and Mór Mhonadh (knees) (Ponting, [1981], page 79).
Every 18.61-years, known as the southern lunar major standstill limit event, an especially spectacular event takes place at the latitude of Calanais region. As seen in 1987 from the Calanais I avenue; indicated a spectacular Moon rise out of the Sleeping Beauty Range; followed by a Moon set into the Calanais I stone circle to the south. A photograph of this event formed the front cover illustration of Current Archaeology, April 1996.
It is essential to mention is that at other Neolithic monuments in the Calanais region, the Moon rises from the Sleeping Beauty Range, sets, re-appears(!) and sets again in the Clisham Range. So this is a common and spectacular finding for a larger region!
It is likely that such observations were part of a possible intentional design of the monuments in this region; made by the skilled Neolithic people who lived in the Calanais region.
For the next opportunity of this event a broadcast through my web cameras is planned between mid 2005 and 2007 and it is expected that several tens of thousand of people (based on my experience with a web camera at Maeshowe, Orkney) will look through these cameras towards the Calanais monuments and the Sleeping Beauty Range. So lets keep the view towards the Sleeping Beauty Range nice and tidy.

My design rules

I discuss a few design rules below:

Summary of my feedback

The following summary can be deducted from the above rules for the Muaitheabhal Wind farm proposal:
  1. Suitability evaluation of areas
    The Scottish Executive needs to understand why different proposals give different suitability evaluations for the region around the Sleeping Beauty Range
  2. Disturbance of the National Scenic Area
    Relocated the wind mills from inside the South Lewis, Harris and North Uist National Scenic Area to outside this NSA.
  3. The paint color of the wind mills
    The wind mills should have a proper camouflage color.
  4. Visibility of wind mills on Sleeping Beauty Range
    12 wind mills, which are on the Sleeping Beauty Range ridge, should be relocated or removed from the Muaitheabhal Wind farm proposal.
  5. Proposed continuation of a tradition
    The wind mill layout of the farm should honor the possible itentional Neolithic relation between; the Sleeping Beauty Range, the Moon and the Neolithic monuments in the Calanais region and specifically Calanais I.
All in all, lets keep the view towards the Sleeping Beauty Range nice and tidy so that the planned web camera can show a nice Lewis landscape to Lewis' future tourists.


I would like to thank the following people for their help and constructive feedback: George Chaplin, Mark Duchamp, Emma Mitchell, Gerald Ponting and all other unmentioned people. Any remaining errors in methodology or results are my responsibility of course!!! If you want to provide constructive feedback, let me know.
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