Some megalithic monuments in Douro valley, Portugal

Driving along the Douro valley in Portugal, I searched for megaliths. It was very warm (higher than 35 C) and the non air-conditioned car did not really help to give me a relaxed environment;-) Also the state of the monuments might not have helped me to find them... Below are the monuments I found (13). And also the monuments I did not find (8), even after browsing the area around the coordinates gotten through Fabio Silva and several fora, such as: Portugal Megalithico, Portal do Arqueólogo, The megalithic Portal and Megalithic maps and Câmara municipal de Baião [2009].
* These sites have some pictures that show the azimuth of the 'passage'. Not many sites have been checked. It was too warm for me to concentrate, so this visit should be seen as a scouting visit!
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The megalithic Portal and Megalithic maps.



I would like to thank the following people for their help and constructive feedback: Fabio Silva,  António Valera and all other unmentioned people. Any remaining errors in methodology or results are my responsibility of course!!! If you want to provide constructive feedback, let me know.

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