Lunar eclipse on Dec. 21st, 2010 at Newgrange

A total lunar eclipse will happen on Dec 21st, 2010 CE and it is also the winter solstice day of 2010 (at least in Ireland and UK). The next eclipse (but then only partial), on the day after winter solstice, will happen on Dec. 22nd, 2075 CE. So it does not happen that often;-)

Of course this total eclipse on winter solstice day is visible at more places, see this web site with more details. The below data comes from SkyMap Pro 9:
Moon enters umbra:	2010 Dec 21  06:32:06
Start of totality: 2010 Dec 21  07:40:10
Maximum eclipse: 2010 Dec 21  08:16:45
Moon set: 2010 Dec 21  08:48:34
End of totality: 2010 Dec 21  08:53:22
Moon leaves umbra: 2010 Dec 21  10:01:2
The moon sets around 08:45 GMT at Newgrange, Ireland.The sun gets above the horizon (if not cloudy) and inside the neolithic chamber of Newgrange around 09:00 GMT. So the moments are very close and thus quite unique. This might become a great experience.

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