Megalithic Fathom and the average height of man

Some average heights of neolithic male (female are some 5 to 13 cm shorter) found on the web: The average of the above averages: 164.1 cm
The quantum found by Thom [1967] within stone circles is 165.4 cm (see also my more extensive calculations). This quantum is quite close to the average height of the neolithic male. So the name Thom gave to this quantum Megalithic Fathom is not far off. Fathom is an old english word meaning: outstretched arms, and according to Leonarda da Vinci this is almost the same as the height of a person.
So it seems that the diameters of stone circles have something to do with the height (or fathom) of man and that also gives a nice possible method how a stone circle was made: People in line with outstretching arms (thus using the Megalithic Fathom) turning around the middle of that line, will survey the perimeter of a stone circle.

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