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Lunar and solar eclipses

The following rules for eclipses are copied from Duffett-Smith ([1988], which is copied from "The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy" by S. Mitton (Editor)): Remark: I need to find out if with eclipse he means 'penumbral+umbral+total' or only 'umbral+total'. See this information also (a searchable database).

Eclipses and certain solar and lunar events

Several ideas float around that eclipses can happen more at certain celestial events then others. An evaluation of these is below:


I would like to thank the following people for their help and constructive feedback: Jo Coffey, Ed Krupp, Raoul Martens, Jean Meeus and Doug Scott and all other unmentioned people. Any remaining errors in methodology or results are my responsibility of course!!! If you want to provide constructive feedback, let me know.

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