Form for lunar observations around Skerries

The aim of this form is to collect important information when doing naked eye observations on the visibility of the moon's form during rise and set times. This information will hopefully be usefully to determine if theoretical formula's or rules of thumb can be developed from these observations. So your help is very important!

If wanted I can make a dedicated web-page for your own observation (with some fields already fill-in, diminishing the amount of time to fill-in the form everytime. Let me know.
Observation done from Skerries.

One important point: If the observation is done to verify if a neolithic building is aligned to set/rise/reappearing moon at a location, it could be handy for collecting good information to do the observation close to this neolithic location, but at different location/standpoint to be able to start/end the observations at an as low as possible apparent horizon altitude. This gives more information about the whole track of visibility of the moon. Please record also the visibility of the moon at the apparent altitude of the horizon at the neolithic site.

Fill in the fields as clear as possible (even is no information, just tell that with the text NA). The following abbreviations can be used:

Field in dark red are very important to input. Bold values are mandatory
Press  to send the form (by pressing this send button you agree that your information can be used for the lunar standstill research), or press  to remove the things you filled in. 

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