Alignment of New Newgrange

Below you find information about how New Newgrange (as an ancient observatory to the Vault of Heaven) will be set by The Paddy Mirage so that it will be included in the Burning Man 2004 festival.
Some more information on the alignments in the real Newgrange can be seen here.

Some location information

The mountain ridge

A picture made at the festival (by Joe Flood, (c) 2004) can be seen here.

Proposed ceremony

The proposed ceremony is as follows:
  1. At an area within New Newgrange, is it possible for (a limited amount of) artists to make art objects or have interactive theatrical/musical performances during the moments sunlight gets into New Newgrange (or when clouds obscure the light; during sunset).
  2. This can start from Aug. 30th until Sept. 6th, 2004 from 18:30 local time and can last say 30 minutes (per day) to sunset, so in total some 4 work hours.
  3. Perhaps something can be done in the ceremony with the setting of the nearby presence of Jupiter; some 35 minutes later (Mars is perhaps too close by the sun, so too much glare of the sun). Also it is full moon on Aug 28th and Mercury sets before the sun does (but not expected to be visible).
  4. When New Newgrange is charged with all this new art and sun energy, it will give after sunset 18:54 on Sept. 6th 2004  its energy to the not yet burning Burning Man. This can be done by a person walking with a flame from New Newgrange towards the Burning Man (could we get an athlete from Athens;-).
  5. When the Burning Man is well underway, New Newgrange will be dismantled and transported in some way were it will be burned. New Newgrange will give back the art energy to the sky.
  6. It would be nice to videotape (or sequence of pictures) the events. In all case have the camera on a tripod.

Set up and alignment

To be able to accomplish the above ceremony some things need to be build in such a way that it can happen.
Time that sun is at 273.75 degrees

Tools handy to have

A few tools would be handy to have at the location (in order of importance):

Time line

The above will help me to provide the final design the alignment (without a hurry, because that will only produce errors which are difficult to rectify).
It is like 5000 years ago; one needs to plan this, otherwise it won't work. We have less than three weeks to complete this at a remote location (Black Rock City) from a remote location (Ireland), while 5000 years ago they certainly would have done it over a few years and being at the very spot.

If the above is successful; I think it is worth a good TV documentary/coverage (and perhaps it is possible to get TV time afterwards; like the series about rebuilding the pyramids;-).

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