• Sound effects in a room
  • Normal modes in room: incl. calculations
  • Lumped parameters (acoustic -> electrical)
  • Acoustic measurements of several impulse sources
  • Newgrange as a Helmholtz resonator
  • Acoustic's testplan for Neolithic wooden circles
  • MegaSound: Sound in Irish neolithic buildings
  • Sound recordings at Dromagorteen stone circle
  • Acoustic resonance's of assorted ancient structures (not functioning anymore)
  • Acoustical Research (not functioning anymore)
  • Megalithic sound and landscape
  • Steven J. Waller's rock art acoustic page
  • The ghost in the machine
  • Stone age soundtracks
  • Internet soundscape
  • ETF5.x (computer program to measure low frequency response of chamber)
  • CARA (computer program to simulate frequency response and to auralize a chamber)

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